Saturday, July 4, 2015

Studio Kopi - Coffee Shop

Studio Kopi is one from many coffee shop in Yogyakarta

They not only makes espresso and other variant that made with the coffee machine but also manual brew with V60, Syphon, Vietnam Drip, Chemex and manual Indonesia way called Tubruk.

Studio Kopi have 2 floors, first floor for smoking area and the other one non smoking area. No many pair of chairs there so you must share your table with others

Regular coffee price like espresso in Yogyakarta is near Rp 15.000 - Rp 18.000  or $2 but uniquely you can find three different prices base on time range, for example

08:00 - 12:00

  • Single Espresso Rp 5.000 
  • Single Cappucinno Rp 5.000 
  • Single Americano Rp 5.000 
13:00 - 18:00
  • Single Espresso Rp 10.000 
  • Single Cappucinno Rp 10.000 
  • Single Americano Rp 10.000 
18:00 - 22:00
  • Single Espresso Rp 15.000 
  • Single Cappucinno Rp 20.000 
  • Single Americano Rp 20.000 
Apple pie is favourite meal in there, why? Because you only pay Rp 6.000/slice and this is chepeast in Yogyakarta, beside that you can find 
  • Banana Choco Pie
  • Macaroni Pie
  • Many Cake
  • Western Food (18:00 - 22:00)
  • Vegetarian Ice Cream (Rp 15.000 for 3 scoop)
Find it at Jl. Babarsari Near Atmajaya Yogyakarta University

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Djoeragan Susu

Yogyakarta as a city that growing faster than another city in Indonesia has a new trend on culinary. Pure milk vendor.

One of the famous pure milk vendor is Kalimilk. Beside the biggest pure milk vendor, it is the first one that established in yogyakarta.

Their majority customer are university students, but its to far from southern yogyakarta. So many other small vendor take this opportunity.

No much that could made their existense longer. They only for a few months.
One of them who trying to take this advantage is Djoeragan Susu at jl. Bantul (north of protect car custom).

Beside pure milk, they provide many variant such as orange milk, avocado milk, caramel milk, etc.
If hunger strikes, toasted bread that filled with eggs, tuna, etc. Or you can order baked banana with many variant topping (chocolate, cheese, jam).

In my opinion, bread that they served was not tasty. I ordered toasted bread with eggs and tuna inside. What i tasted was only mayonaise on top. Couldn't feel the tuna. Maybe i only paid for 7.000 IDR for the bread.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Ayam Goreng Mbok Berek

Ayam Goreng Mbok Berek is a traditional fried chicken that cooked with wooden stove. 

They always use organic chicken, its mean all of the chicken never had feeding with any supplement food to make them grow/fat faster. 

Even when cooking they never use seasoning, always with traditional spices but everytime you licking even until the bones you still taste how delicious this fried chicken. 

Ayam Goreng Mbok Berek was opened many branch not only in Yogyakarta City but in all Yogyakarta Special Teritory Province. Bantul, Wates, Sleman and i heard that they had opened their branc at Jakarta. 

You can take away or eats there, just need to pay 70.000 IDR for one whole chicken or 35.000 IDR for half chicken.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Giwangan Bus Station

Giwangan bus station is a newest intercity and innercity bus station in yogyakarta, the old one is 2 km northern the new one. 

The old one knows as Umbulharjo bus station, knowadays it replaced with art market that maintenance by county government.

Giwangan bus station designed like Blok M bus station Jakarta that have a market on the roof of the bus station. This market can absorpt many customer especially people who waiting for the bus or employment at the lunch time. It designed with 4m x 4m space rent and it no more space for rent.

Giwangan bus station has a vice versa situation even with same size for space area. It so quiet, because there are more than one way to go to bus emplacement. In the Southern gate you can get access way from upstair or ground floor. 

Ground floor provide food court and food gift, in the middle of alley you can found small gate to go to bus emplacement but in the upstair you must walk more longer. Going upstairs, walking around and downstairs but you can find waiting chairs.

giwangan bus station
Few yours ago many food gift sellers rent space in the upper floor but one by one they releases their space because no much buyer bought from them. 

There is a hidden gate that not everyone knows, its in the north of bus emplacement. This gate guard only with two men, there is no alley, no stair, just open field without roof and you can see the bus straight in your face. It faster the the other two gate above.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Maliobro Mall newest tenant

Like another mall all over the world Malioboro Mall had tenant changes. Newest tenant that rent space there nowadays was have a high quality:

  • BodyShop : International perfume store which care about environment
  • BreadTalk : International bakery franchise 
  • Hoka-Hoka Bento : Japanese fast food franchise
They give a new color to Malioboro Mall that need a face off, so with international class tenant it will increase their name on jogja.Unfortunately there is not BCA ATM anymore. Breaking news : BCA ATM had rebord at 2nd Floor Malioboro Mall but only 2 ATM not 6 like previous.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Unique gift on necklace

Sometimes when you love somebody you need to notify her/him that how you care about. It will not romantic with message on your phone, long time ago many jewelry store provide necklace with pendant that can fill with their couple/family photo to make them still on your heart.

That was ancient way to express your love nowadays i found that you can put your message to your pendant and put that in the necklace. How about the long message? It can be shrinked.

You can put any kind of message on it like :

  • Your insight into the recipient and their life
  • Dreams for the future
  • Bible Verses
  • Songs
  • Your own thoughts and feelings
  • Memories
  • Poetry
  • Literature

This message on the necklace will be a unique gift idea which you can bring and i believe it will suprise your couple.