Saturday, August 8, 2009

Efisiensi Bus Schedule

stay in jogja -- Yogyakarta is located in nice Central Java province. There are many tourism objects in Central Java.

However, there is also a unique object which is couldn’t be reached easily. It is Nusakambangan Island. This island is on off-shore of Cilacap beach, a city located on the south coastal area of Java island. It’s also well-known for its beautiful beach and an island of prison just like Alcatraz in United States. To reach this island, you must bring a kind of certification letter from your resident and there also will be a kind of checking process just before you cross the sea.

Cilacap itself is located at about 250 km from Jogjakarta. It can be reached about 4 hour’s land-trip using bus. The bus which serves this route is only “Efficiency” Patas (cePat terbaTas-english : fast and limited) bus.

Departure Schedule (GMT+7)
From Yogyakarta From Cilacap
06.00 03.00
07.00 06.00
08.00 07.00
09.00 08.00
10.00 09.00
11.00 10.00
12.00 11.00
13.00 12.00
14.00 13.00
15.00 14.00
16.00 15.00
17.00 17.30
Ticket : IDR 40,000 + Softdrink

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  1. Informasinya lengkap sekali dan bermanfaat. Selamat

    Linknya sudah aku sambung...
    Saran: verifikasi kata menurut saya mending dihapus saja, bikin lama

  2. ada info ttg bus dr yogya ke bali gak :)

  3. Untuk jogja bali akan segera dicarikan

  4. kalau keberangkatan ke cilacap tanggal 25 apa masih ada? katanya jalur yang sebelah kutoharjo lagi banjir?